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Episode 13

Its Wednesday, and that means the ThreadRaiders are back to their shenanigans! In this episode, the ThreadRaiders talk about stereotypes and how they deal with them (thanks to ChaseExLibris for the topic suggestion!), what TV shows they miss, and what the moment was that made tabletop RPG's click for them. Special shout out to INVICTUS as this week's community shout out! You can find their stuff at!

Episode 12

The ThreadRaiders are all hands on deck for Episode 12, with special guest LJHeydorn! This week the crew talks about their preferred experience system in TTRPG's, whether or not they believe in ghosts, and they tackle a community submission from David Ortiz of VeedFlims Productions as to their favorite place to play video games! Special community shout out to the Steam Rollers Adventure Podcast at! In honor of them being the community shout out, we decided to bring back the awesome intro they recorded for us. If you like that, you will love their show!

Episode 11

After surviving Episode 10, the ThreadRaiders are back! This week, the ThreadRaiders invited special guest @NPCBree on the show to discuss the times they thought they were going one way but in fact were going a completely different direction, where they got their Twitter handles that you all know and love, and what their favorite cereal mascots are! Its another episode chock full of content for your listening pleasure, with featured community shout out this week to DeathByMage of! 

Episode 10

It's the first episode of the year and the ThreadRaiders really let their freak flags fly and prove once and for all why podcasting drunk is never a good idea. Celebrating the holidays together and the fact that they even made it to episode 10 at all, the ThreadRaiders had quite a few drinks together to celebrate! Featuring not one, but TWO special guests, the crew tackle such topics as feeling like a fish out of water, favorite drinking games (of course), societal pressure to better yourself in the New Year, and favorite guilty pleasure movies! That's right! FOUR topics in this jam packed, super-sized episode! This is the ThreadRaiders as you have never heard them before, and god willing, never will again. Special thanks to our guests @SoMattFoust and @WalkVirusGaming for putting up with the crews shenanigans and a special community shout out to @DevenRue for being a wonderful human being and an extremely talented cartographer!

Episode 9

Welcome to the final episode of the year! This episode starts off with some real talk as the ThreadRaiders discuss their most important moments of 2017. The crew holds nothing back in this topic and really lays it all out there for you. After that, they discuss what the first game they ever played was, and then move on to the community topic submitted by the ever wonderful @Soulibon who asks the question: What are the ThreadRaiders "My life is a sitcom" moments! Special community shout out to Jasmin of Medieval Minis! From all of us ThreadRaiders to you, we hope you have a fun, safe New Year and we look forward to seeing you all in 2018!

Episode 8

The Threadraiders Holiday extravaganza! Featuring special guest, TK of the ThreadRaiders! The crew talk about their favorite Holiday Traditions (and even create a new one!), how they feel about feeling obligated to be happy during the Holidays, and their favorite Christmas villains (Gryf is one of them). The innuendos fly free and the ThreadRaiders really don't hold back in this one! Special community shout out to Clay of! From our twisted little family to yours, we hope you have a wonderful Holiday filled with love and cheer!

Episode 7

The ThreadRaiders are in fine form as they tackle a community submitted topic by the always amazing @SoMattFoust who asks the ThreadRaiders what their most favorite and least favorite foods are. Of course, the ThreadRaiders use this as an excuse to beg Digiorno Pizza to give them a follow and Taco Bell to sponsor the show because they have no shame. Then they discuss what their weird super powers would be if they had one (Hint: They already do) and form a super team! Finally they discuss what regular sized animal they would make the size of a horse. Because of course they do. Special community shout out to @StinkRatStreams, who you can find on twitch at TheStinkRatStreams!

Episode 6

After last weeks harrowing Bears in Sweaters debate, the ThreadRaiders have kissed and made up to bring you another fine episode! This week they talk about their pet peeves, whether Batman or Iron Man would win in a fight, and what fictional character is awesome in their own world yet would be an utter nuisance in the real world! This episode's community shout out is to VeedFilm Productions, whose Star Wars Audio Drama can be found on iTunes!

Episode 5

The ThreadRaiders are in fine form today as they discuss the important things in life! Today's topics include a community topic submission from @theelfiestelf who wanted to know the ThreadRaiders favorite books. The ThreadRaiders also talk about online anonymity and whether or not it is a good or bad thing. Finally the ThreadRaiders go to war with each other over whether or not Bears would enjoy wearing sweaters or not. It is a heated debate, and one you don't want to miss!

Episode 4

The ThreadRaiders are back with what they have dubbed the Twitter Love episode! Episode 4 includes a special message from our friends at the Steam Rollers Adventure Podcast (Check them out at, a nice discussion about growing up in the age of social media, sharing their favorite tongue twisters and doing their best to interpret them (almost killing Bear in the process), and what the ThreadRaiders are thankful for this Thanksgiving. Stay tuned after the end music for a special post credits scene (Don't sue us, Marvel!).

Episode 3

The ThreadRaiders are reporting in once again, this time to discuss the Happy Birthday song, if they had more time in a week what sorts of things they would spend it on, and what weapons are best used in a Zombie Apocalypse (Is @Shriekee considered an improvised weapon???). It's an episode you won't want to miss!

Episode 2

Your favorite ThreadRaiders are back at it! This time they discuss what fashion they would create as trendsetters (and of course someone does not take this seriously at all...), what TV shows as kids that they would move Heaven and Hell to make sure they didn't miss, and their first community topic suggestion where they share some of their favorite gaming moments from around the TTRPG table! (Special Thanks to @PeasantChips for the topic suggestion!)

Episode 1

In the inaugural episode of the ThreadRaiders Podcast, your favorite ThreadRaiders tackle all things Halloween! From their favorite movie monsters, to recurring nightmares, to local spooks and haunts, there was a lot to discuss in this first episode!