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Love Letter to R.A. Salvatore

This week we were excited to have Matt Fowler on the show! We had a lot of fun talkimg about Fantasy Books and Dungeons and Dragons, Castles and Haunted Houses, and the things we do when there's a bank holiday! This one ran a bit long, but Matt was such a joy to have on we just couldn't stop chatting. Our community shout out this week goes out to Michael Mordor, and you can find him on Twitter at @Goblins_Mordor or his Patreon!

You can find Matt Fowler in all sorts of cool places too! Check him out on Twitter @MattmFowler and Instagram @mattmfowler! Check out all the cool things he has done on IMDB and of course check out his awesome Audio Drama set in space @thespaceward on Itunes! Finally, if you want to hear his voice some more make sure to grab a copy of Dynasty Warriors 9, where he plays Zhuge Liang!

Human Water

We were so lucky to have Michael Riggs (Aka: Mike the Storycrafter) on the show with us! You can find him on Twitter at @SteamRollersPC and now, also at @CopperheartPod! We talked about what worlds we would like to see made into TTRPGs which lead to much talk about Human Water. We also discussed fictional gadgets we would like to get our mitts on, and what type of undead creature we would like to be! It was a fun episode all around, and we hope you laugh with us as much as we laughed. Special community shout out today goes to Cantrip Candles, which you can find on Twitter at @CantripCandles or at their website!

Nerdy Point of Quinoa

This week we were more than pleased to welcome Nina Larson as a guest on the show! We talked about what books influence our writing which ended up as a conversation about much deeper things. We also talked about weddings and shared some of the good with a lot of the bad. Finally, we talked about what TTRPG characters we have in mind but have not had a chance to play as yet! For the first time ever we have a recurring community shout out, and this week it is for our good friends at HitDicePod! Make sure to check out the HitDice! Podcast and hear Nina's character Adelaide for yourself!

Whatever Happened to Lucy Liu?

What a jam packed episode we have for you! The topics this week are what part of ourselves could we not live without, favorite snack foods, and whether we are introverts or extroverts, yet somehow we spent a lot more time talking about Lucy Liu, trying new strange foods, and self care. We never said we were perfect! Special community shout out this week goes out to our friends over at the Dead Horse Podcast!

Mashed Potatoes

We were happy to have Wes Cordell on this episode of the show! We de-railed (and re-railed) many, many times but it was a ton of fun! We talked about whatvideo games got us hooked on gaming, what we are most looking forward to, and then we talked about internet lingo for a while and how much it makes us cringe. In honor of Wes being on the show, this weeks community shout out went to Hit Dice! Hit Dice! is an awesome actual play 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast, and we can't recommend it highly enough to you! Click here to check it out!

Long Live The Queen

Today the Nerds were excited to have the one and only Dan Ryckert on the show! Naturally we talked way too much about Taco Bell (But really, can one ever talk TOO much about Taco Bell?), but also dove into the ethics of gene editing. Finally, we also shared our favorite pranks that we have pulled and also shared some of the pranks that got pulled on us in return. It was a lot of fun recording this one, and we hope you laugh as much listening as we did chatting! Make sure to check out all the stuff Dan does at such as the Giant Beastcast, a weekly gaming podcast that touches on all sorts of other fun stuff as well. Also make sure to check out his new podcast that he does with his wife called Panning the Stream, where they mine for gold through streaming services trying to find fun new shows you may not have heard of before! Finally, Dan also has some books that he has written, and we can't recommend them enough! You can check them out on Amazon! Our personal favorites are Anxiety as an Ally and The Dumbest Kid in Gifted Class. Finally, this week's community shout out goes to Hexes & Bows! Make sure to check out all the cool stuff they are doing at!

Gotta Catch Em All!

Hey there fellow Nerds! In this episode we talked about what the last books we read were, and whether we prefer digital or old school paper books. Then we get way too excited about Pokemon and which ones are our favorites (and give Nintendo a little trouble for not making a proper Pokemon console game). Finally we shared out superstitions (or lack thereof) which led to Martin and Brian talking like old men for a reason. We make no sense most of the time. Special community shout out to Nerdarchy and all the fine content they produce on their YouTube channel!

A Starbucks Love Affair

Hello fellow nerds! We were pleased to have Martin return to the show after a short break, and even more pleased to be joined by the ever amazing @DeathByMage of! We had a blast talking about what things we enjoy that we would turn into musicals (shout out to Future Man!), what apps we can't live without (here's looking at you Starbucks), and our favorite fight scenes in movies! It was a blast getting to chat with Mage! Our community shout out this week goes to @Snickelsox who has a Kickstarter going live next week for the Retroverse! Make sure to follow him on twitter and check out to keep updated for when that goes live!

Return of the Matty

Special Guest Matty comes back for round 2 of hanging out with the nerds (Prior appearance can be heard in episode 10 of our legacy episodes) to discuss emotional attachments to our D&D characters, things that are totally normal that we just can't stand, and our favorite fast food places to enjoy while drunk! It was a really fun episode and a pleasure to have Matty back, this time while sober! Special community shout out goes to Penance RPG for this episode!

Nerdy Cinematic Universe

In this episode, we talk WAY too much about the Marvel cinematic universe. Granted, we took quite a few tangents, but it was a lot of fun! We also discussed Dungeons and Dragons and it's evolution from game for Satan worshippers to the more mainstream attention it gets now. Finally, we spend a few moments discussing the Joker and how he is such an amazing villain! Special thanks to Sean from Roll 4 Adventure for joining us! Make sure to check out the awesome D&D actual play podcast at! Finally, our community shout out this week goes to Epic Forge! Make sure to check out their store right here:

Real Talk Pt. 2

The Nerds are back with another heavier episode. This time we talk about things we love but lose interest in, whether we prefer single player or multiplyer video games, and more importantly talk about Sexual Harassment at the table in the TTRPG space. That topic was saved for last as there was a lot to say and we wanted to make sure to give that topic the time it deserved. Special thanks to Kerry for sharing her experiences with us, as we know that must have been extremely difficult for her to do. But it was important to share, and important to bring attention to this to take even just one more small step in the right direction. Special community shoutout goes to BomBARDed, a really interesting actual play D&D podcast. Make sure to follow them on Twitter and give them a listen!

Impostors, Sad Horses, and Clowns

In this jam packed episode, the Nerds welcome Quinn to the show to announce the big project that Brian and him have been working on for months now! It is a big step for the two of them, and we are excited to be able to be the show they announced this next big step on! We also got the chance to talk a little bit about impostor syndrome and how we all suffer from it, childhood shows and movies that still give us the feels, and things that used to scare us as kids that no longer really affect us anymore. Special shout out to the Undersiders Podcast in this show! Make sure to click their name to follow them on Twitter and check out the amazing show they are working on!

The Pineapple Fight

The Nerds come back with a more lighthearted least...that's how it was supposed to be! Instead they play a game called Canadiantics where Kerry spells out words for Martin and Brian to try to guess the pronounciation of, Martin asks the iportant questions like "Have you ever been in a moment where something happens in a place and the room is split as to their reaction?" and Brian of course starts another war: This time over pizza toppings. Special shout out goes to Dumpstat Charisma who you can find on Twitch doing all sorts of awesome things!

Real Talk

It's Episode 1 of our relaunch under a new name and in this episode we reflect on life a lot. We talk about the biggest changes in our lives, the worst injuries we have ever had, and then we take some time to ask our future selves what they would think of us in this moment. This is definitely a heavier episode than we usually do, but it is filled with a lot of the realness you have come to know and love from us. Special community shout out to @The_Sage_BB and the work he does on Twitch with A Tale of Wizards and Bribes, a 5E Live Play show that takes place in the Blood Bowl Universe! Another special shout out to @Phreek10Cent and his amazing Intoxy stream he does on Twitch every Friday!