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Love Letter to R.A. Salvatore

This week we were excited to have Matt Fowler on the show! We had a lot of fun talkimg about Fantasy Books and Dungeons and Dragons, Castles and Haunted Houses, and the things we do when there's a bank holiday! This one ran a bit long, but Matt was such a joy to have on we just couldn't stop chatting. Our community shout out this week goes out to Michael Mordor, and you can find him on Twitter at @Goblins_Mordor or his Patreon!

You can find Matt Fowler in all sorts of cool places too! Check him out on Twitter @MattmFowler and Instagram @mattmfowler! Check out all the cool things he has done on IMDB and of course check out his awesome Audio Drama set in space @thespaceward on Itunes! Finally, if you want to hear his voice some more make sure to grab a copy of Dynasty Warriors 9, where he plays Zhuge Liang!