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Long Live The Queen

Today the Nerds were excited to have the one and only Dan Ryckert on the show! Naturally we talked way too much about Taco Bell (But really, can one ever talk TOO much about Taco Bell?), but also dove into the ethics of gene editing. Finally, we also shared our favorite pranks that we have pulled and also shared some of the pranks that got pulled on us in return. It was a lot of fun recording this one, and we hope you laugh as much listening as we did chatting! Make sure to check out all the stuff Dan does at such as the Giant Beastcast, a weekly gaming podcast that touches on all sorts of other fun stuff as well. Also make sure to check out his new podcast that he does with his wife called Panning the Stream, where they mine for gold through streaming services trying to find fun new shows you may not have heard of before! Finally, Dan also has some books that he has written, and we can't recommend them enough! You can check them out on Amazon! Our personal favorites are Anxiety as an Ally and The Dumbest Kid in Gifted Class. Finally, this week's community shout out goes to Hexes & Bows! Make sure to check out all the cool stuff they are doing at!