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The Final Episode

It is with a heavy heart that we bring you the final episode of the Nerdy Point of View Podcast. We have had some amazing conversation, some amazing guests, and most importantly...some amazing fans. Thank you so much for taking this ride with us. We appreciate every download, every message, and every kind word you have sent our way. Without you, there would never have been a show. So thank you for everything.

Salad Jesus

In this episode we talk a lot about the assumptions people make about each other and what TV shows are better when watched with a friend. We ended up talking so much and having such a great time that for the first time ever we didn't even make it to our third topic!

Hanging up the Villainous Cape

Welcome to the Nerdy Point of View Podcast! In this episode, Martin hangs up his villainous cape for good, as it turns out being a villain is not all it is cracked up to be. So, naturally we all talked about our favorite villains. We also talk about what we miss about gaming around the table, and our favorite things about survival games where Kerry and Brian talk way too much about 7 Days to Die. 

That's The Name of the Episode!

Back from his trip to the U.S. of A, Martin rejoins us! With the Resident Evil 2 Remake being released, we spent some time talking about reboots and remakes and what we think of it all. We delve pretty deep into it. We also talk about the things we are always learning about, and having the same dream time and again when all of a sudden it changes on you. Lots of great stuff in this episode, make sure to tune in!


In today's episode we talk about childhood celebrity crushes and the answers will probably surprise you. we also talk about what monster we would play as a playable character in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, and what thing we like to do that we lack the talent to do very well.

Party On, Garth

While we tried talking about our favorite party games, as usual we get derailed by food. We also talked about Dungeons and Dragons withdrawals and whether or not we are dirty, dirty sock sleepers. Its another unforgettable episode where we coin an awful new term. Want to know what it is? Give the episode a listen and find out!

Looking Back at 2018

In this very special episode we sit down with a few drinks and take a fond look back at 2018. We recorded this one live so we decided to do a live Q&A with the audience and answer some of their burning questions! This one ran a bit long, but when you are reviewing an entire year you can't really keep it short, can you?

Next Stop, Hall H (We Wish)!

This trio of nerds keep the episodes coming, Holidays be damned! Join us as we talk all about our dream location for doing a live show episode (Kerry has some very weird ideas about this one), our insecurities (because we have no problems baring our souls to you all), and what toys we miss and would totally still play with today. As always, we are having a lot of fun making these episodes and we hope you have just as much fun listening!

Is it Christmas Already?

Welcome to the Nerdy Point of View Podcast! We have a good one today because Martin joined us for another episode and it filled our hearts with joy! We talked about how early is to early for Christmas, the worst way we could imagine dying (the answers may surprise you!), and which of the 5 senses we would hate to lose.

A Decent Proposal

This is our biggest episode yet! We get Martin back this week to join us with Brian, Kerry, and Matty! We do a live show, we talk about phobias, coffee and tea, and things we haven't tried for fear of becoming addicted...oh yeah and then there is the matter of Brian proposing to Kerry live on the show.

If podcasts had event episodes, we are pretty sure this one would qualify. If you are a fan of the show then you definitely don't want to miss this one, and if you haven't started listening then this is a good time to start!

The Pac Man Tournament

We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you a special one-off episode of The Nerdy Point of View Podcast! We were invited by the fine folks at Red Bull and Coin Op Game Room in Downtown San Diego to record an episode of the podcast with Julian Davila from inside the Red Bull truck! We talked about local gaming culture, the really awesome Pac Man Red Bull can and other special packaging by companies, and about gaming tournaments. It was a hell of a time and a truly awesome experience. We hope you enjoy!

And if you are local to San Diego, make sure to check out the Coin Op Game Room in Downtown San Diego. Great food, great drinks, and an amazing staff. It is a very cool place and we can't wait to go back!

Canadian Bacon

We are dropping a sick beat with this episode, and by that I mean we are talking about some pretty divisive stuff. Well, really just the Canadian Bacon portion of the show, but we also talk about Holidays we wish existed, Disney, and theme park etiquette! Make sure to tune in and also to check out the subject of our community shout out, The Lucky Die Podcast! You can find them on Twitter or iTunes!

Nerdy Point of Feels

Today we welcome guest host Matt Foust back to the show! Filling in for the Villain of the show, Martin Franklin, it was an honor to bring Matty on board to shoot the hay with us. And shoot the hay we did! We talked all about prisons and alternative rehabilitation methods, our go to dishes to cook when we are cooking for people (with a special shout out to desserts!), and finally in honor of Thanksgiving in America we shared what we were thankful for this year. And this week our community shout out went out to all of our listeners and the TTRPG community at large for allowing us to live our crazy dreams! We love you all, and can never thank you enough for helping us live our dreams. 

Halloween BOOnanza!

Time for our annual Halloween Boonanza! Sure, it's November, but we care not! We recorded a live Episode the day before Halloween and had a lot of fun gushing over our favorite Holiday with special guest Alex! You can find her on Twitter and on Twitch! We talked all things Halloween, told scary true stories, and shared our favorite aspects of the Holiday. If you love Halloween then you don't want to miss this!


For the first time ever, we did a live show while we recorded the podcast! We talked about a lot of fun things in this one. We talked about the trend of video games moving to online only, we shared some of our guilty pleasures and revealed some of our deepest, darkest secrets, and we also lamented the loss of fast food items that we can't get anymore. Special community shout out this week goes to Welcome Party RPG! Make sure to check them out on Twitter and on Twitch!

Finally, We Talk Tank Girl

Today we were thrilled to welcome back Nina Larson as a guest! We chatted about how we explain our passions to people who maybe aren't that into it, what show or movie we would love to see rebooted, and what trading card games we used to love. Plus, not just one but TWO musical numbers! Community shout out this week goes to our dear friend LJ Heydorn. Make sure to check out The Scribblers' Rest and his website to see what books he has written!

Pumpkin Spice

The Nerds are here this week, and we are kicking it off with Pumpkin Spice. Is it a more divided conversation than Pineapple on Pizza? You have to listen to find out! We also talked about what non-live action media we would love to see get the live action treatment, and what common traits do our TTRPG characters tend to have? Our community shout out this week goes to The Greyhawk Channel! Check them out on Twitter and Twitch!

Gnome in a Haversack

For this week's episode we were fortunate to have special guest Deven Rue on the show with us! We had a great chat about what started us down the path of becoming creators, what we have been told that we were bad at and how we dealt with it, and what Dungeons and Dragons monster we would love to either face or use against players in a campaign! It was such a pleasure to be able to chat with Deven, so make sure to check her out on Twitter @DevenRue and make sure to check out her patreon and her website! As always, we had a special community shout out and this week it went to Murder Dice Podcast! Make sure to follow them on Twitter @MurderDice and download Murder Dice on whatever podcast service you choose!


We are back and better than ever! It's been a while since we had a good old fashioned showdown with each other, so we decided to put together a versus match of what pop culture characters we would like to see duke it out! Then we took it a step further by playing a couple of altered rounds of Superfight! Finally we talked a little bit about failure and the lessons we have learned from it. Our community shout out this week goes out to Jack Dire, who created Superfight along with a host of other games. You can find Jack on Twitter @Jack_Dire, and you can check out his podcast and the games he has created at!

We're Back!

After a short (long) hiatus, your favorite nerds are back and reinvigorated to torment your earholes with a new episode! In this episode we talk about what we were up to during the hiatus and what TTRPGs other than Dungeons and Dragons 5E that we have played, loved, and want to play again and what TTRPG we have not tried and would like to. We also talked about the little things that make us happy, and what skills we didn't know we had that we discovered and want to hone. It was a lot of fun getting back into the proverbial studio, and we have missed you all while we were gone! This week's community shout out goes to friend of the show Matt Foust at @SoMattyGamez on Twitter! Make sure to check him out on twitch at and check out his store!